Speaking at GeeCON 2015 about Ratpack

geecon banner speaker.jpg

GeeCON is probably one of the Top 5 JVM conferences in Europe, with 2,000+ attendees. I have the pleasure to be speaking at this year’s edition about Ratpack, a set of Java 8 libraries to build simple yet powerful HTTP applications. My session is in fact the companion talk of the Ratpack 101 workshop that I delivered at Spring I/O in Barcelona.

But apart from speaking, I will enjoy the rest of the conference (as I normally do every time I speak at an event). I’m really excited to hear from industry experts about the following topics:

  • JDK 9.

  • Reactive programming.

  • JSR 354 (Money and Currency API).

  • HTTP 2.0.

  • Consumer driven contracts.

  • Apache Spark.

  • Scala.

  • Go.

If you are around and see me, don’t doubt and say hi :)

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