I'm joining 4finance!


After 2.5 years working at Odobo, I felt like needing a change in my career. Fortunately, 4finance got on my way and we fell in love with each other. As a result, I’m happily joining the team starting from August 2015, based in Madrid.

With 800+ employees and offices in 12 countries, 4finance group it’s a major player in the micro-loans business. In terms of technology, 4finance IT (the IT branch) have a true commitment with open source development and they invest in knowledge sharing through events (internal and external) and conferences. People knowing me will realise that it’s a 100% match with my core values.

It has been also important for me to make the decision to know that people I respect is working there, like Marcin Grzejszczak. Apart from having an insane 11-letter-but-2-vowels last name, Marcin captured my attention long time ago:

That led me to discover the awesome micro-infra-spring library and all the good stuff they’ve done with Spring Boot and microservices. The job they’ve done it’s so amazing that some features are being ported to Spring Cloud!

So my mission joining the company is to help the team to put 4finance as one of the top IT companies in the microservices/Spring Boot/Groovy ecosystem.

I have to publicly express my gratitude to Odobo, as working with them has been a pleasure for me, and they have done everything they could to make my experience as smooth as possible.

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